Lisa Verdejo
Health Coach - Integrative Nutrition

Lisa Verdejo is a certified health coach and Pilates instructor. Having received certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and training in the STOTT method of Pilates, Verdejo works with clients to help them feel whole and to look good. Training in functional medicine also gives her the tools to identify the root cause of disease and to bring a physiological perspective to her work. With her nutrition coaching guidance, clients work towards achieving better eating habits, a healthier weight, more energy, and an overall healthier lifestyle. While under her Pilates tutelage, clients can gain better posture, muscle balance, and leaner muscles, as well as greater flexibility, mobility, and strength. 


Fueled by her own life experiences, Verdejo is devoted to helping people to live their best lives with health and wellness at the core. Having grown up with childhood trauma, in her adult life she has recognized her own quest to tame anxiety and manage stress through wellness. A back injury suffered during college, and seeing both of her parents living with Type II diabetes have also driven her enthusiasm for staying fit. When expecting her son, Verdejo became more interested in nutrition, especially after reading the book by Karen LeBillon, French Kids Eat Everything.  The book describes how the whole of French society is set up to support good, wholesome nutrition for kids and Verdejo was moved as she turned the pages.


Nutrition coaching individuals and groups since 2014, Verdejo has worked with hundreds of clients to achieve their highest health priorities.  She brings her guidance and expertise, and clients bring their commitment to the process to take her recommended actions and build new habits.  Verdejo works with people who believe that food and lifestyle are powerful, who want external support, and who are ready to take meaningful action.  Previous clients have described her as extremely knowledgeable, motivating and supportive.


Along with spending quality time with her husband and son, yoga, lattes, journaling and having brunch with friends are at the top of her list of favorite things to do. Verdejo lives in Novi, Michigan.  In addition to her certifications, Verdejo also has a Bachelor of Science degree from M.I.T. and a Masters from Georgetown University. 


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